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Teaching Young Adults About the Evils of Socialism

RESET Nights – Socialism (Isn't That What Jesus Wanted?)

RESET Night is BACK. Join us as Massey Campos dives into how we, as the church, should answer to the many dilemmas of today's world while also remembering the hope brought through the Gospel, scripture, and reason!

Posted by The Devoted Young Adults on Tuesday, February 26, 2019

As many of you know Massey is now the young adults pastor at our Church here in South Florida (Revive Church of Stuart, FL). Once time each month, Massey does what we call a Reset Night for the young adult group. Reset night is essentially Massey taking the message he has preached all over the country through Self-Evident and bringing it to these group of wonderful young adults. His heart and vision is to take those controversial topics, those topics that some christians might be afraid to address, and discuss them head on. He gives a constitutional perspective and the Biblical perspective. The goal is simply to “Reset” their understanding on many of these topics in order to help line up their thinking with the constitution and God’s Word. This will in turn give them the tools they need to adequately defend their Biblical, Constitutional, and conservative perspective.


This particular “Reset Night” topic was, “The Evil of Socialism.” Please feel free to watch the entire message.


Please keep these messages and these young adults in your prayers. It is our job to educate them properly and God continues to open the doors for us to do that. Please note: Massey still travels extensively doing events across this country. See calendar for updated events.