A Day in the Life of Self-Evident Ministry

A  day in the life of us on the road preaching at a youth convention in Johnstown, PA. It was an honor be a part of this amazing event, and so grateful God continues to open more doors for us to reach this generation. As crazy as this world is, and as immoral it feels at times, we still see hope…we see hope in God moving powerfully to touch peoples lives, and raise up his children to stand against the anti-God slant that is being promoted.

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"A DAY IN THE LIFE"…on the road…reaching a bunch of students in Pennsylvania! A new vlog series ***To help us continue this work, please consider becoming a monthly donor. Click on the link to sign up for monthly support:https://theselfevidenttruth.com/product/monthly-donations/Massey Campos Cari Campos Sue Trombino Andrew Geurink Kevin Threewits Nancy Heidger Benavides Jim Stephen Schilling Jared Engskow Daniel Bengtson Jonathan Yant Laura Joiner

Posted by Self-Evident Ministry on Saturday, June 15, 2019