Cari Campos is the wife of Massey Campos and is the Co-Founder of Self-Evident Ministry.

Cari has worked in the non-profit sector for over 15 years, and has extensive knowledge in social media promotion, events coordination and public relations.  For much of her adult life, she has played a “behind the scenes” role in these ministries, but recently was led to share her heart and message on the power of prayer, how prayer and seeking the aid of Heaven played a vital role at the foundation of America, and how God’s miraculous power is available to all of us through prayer.

Cari grew up in Minnesota and comes from a multicultural family, as her brother, Jason, was adopted from Korea, and her sister, Chrissy, was adopted from India. Her heart is to see the divides among the American people brought to closure.

mike-and-selissa-newMeet Mike and his wife, Melissa Sonneveldt! Mike is our Chief Operations Officer, and the main instructor for our Constitution Courses. Mike was brought onto staff at Self-Evident Ministry to not only assist Massey in his work around the country, but to continue and grow his own passion for teaching and discipleship.

Mike graduated from Grand Valley State University with a degree in English, and is pursuing a certificate of Biblical Studies. He is a published author and is continuing to write, with the goal of sharing the gospel in new and inventive ways. His passion for theology, philosophy, history and politics has driven him to research topics in-depth, that are tantamount to the health of our nation and society.

Mike and his wife are settling into their new city of Port St. Lucie, and are expecting their first child in April 2017!