Self-Evident Ministry is dedicated and burdened to educating Americans about the Biblical heritage of our nation, of government, and preaching the gospel to all who will hear.

“Self-Evident Ministry is a powerful, tremendous, and a much needed asset in the fight for our youth, and for Liberty under God.  Anyone who cares about the future of America needs to urgently support this ministry!”

William J. Federer
William J. FedererPresident, Amerisearch Inc., Author, National Speaker

“This ministry is profoundly critical.  To watch Massey and Cari minister to people and to see them respond in such a powerful way was amazing!  We can personally vouch for their impeccable integrity. Giants to our nation!”

Billy & Karen Vaughn
Billy & Karen VaughnNational Speakers, Authors of "Betrayed" and "World Changer, A Mothers Story", and Gold Star Parents

“Massey and Cari Campos are quite obviously in love with this country and teaching the youth of America why. With passion and purpose, Self-Evident Ministry seeks to bring the next generation of American leaders into an understanding of how precious our nation’s freedoms and opportunities are. Supporting the work of Self Evident ministry is a vital path to securing liberties for another generation.”

Lyette Reback
Lyette RebackFounder, ", Serving America’s Gold Star Families", and Author

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In America, it seems that we are continually growing further and further away from the God who gave us the very liberty we all partake in, and in doing so, we consequently grow further and further away from the foundation of liberty that our founders established.


The name Self-Evident was chosen because as it states in the Declaration of Independence, freedom for all and that our freedoms come from our Creator are truths that do not need to be proved or reasoned.


To preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to instruct, disciple and encourage the hearer to see the impact of the gospel in government and society, but also to find the mission that God has called them to.  We are all called to do something for the Lord – and our testimony can change the world!