Posts From July, 2022

Education is the Problem

Author: Mike Sonnevedlt
Recently, Bruno V Manno wrote an article at RealClearEducation describing the changes in education that have happened as a result of the Covid madness kids were forced to live through. While Manno describes many of these factors as a tragedy, I can't help but see the opportunity in this. No stimulus is stronger than a negative stimulus, and if it's painful enough, it makes people run the other way very quickly. Our school systems as an institution have been wobbly, shaky, failing centers of “education” for decades, and the system at a national level sat entrenched in its own refuse. It felt no compulsion to change things up or pursue different avenues. After all, why would they? Money flowed in by the billions for decades, and landed in the pockets of many of the most influential… read more

The Importance of the Father

Author: Mike Sonneveldt
Statistics are both beneficial and destructive. They are the siren song and the call of an angel. They are also an extremely deadly weapon in the hands of a master. Our statistics are brought out to present our case, however our case is created in presupposition. Despite the claims of many, there is no man who can guide without presupposition. It is inherent. In other words, y'all have your biases. Even us. But sometimes, the statistics are just so blatant that we cannot help but look in awe of the truth they uncover. Fatherly Stats The statistics showing the effect of lacking a father in the home are such a set of stats. No one can argue against the conclusion. So let's look at some of the data: As from the National Center for Fathering: -families without a father are … read more
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