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Missionary Heros: 7 Great Missionaries That Changed The World

Author: Andrew Alleman
Missionary Heroes: 7 Great Missionaries that Changed the World This is our curated list of 7 great missionaries who changed the world. Most people do not hear about the work and effect missionaries have across the world, and we felt it was time to shine a light on the legacy just a few dedicated Christians have left on the world at large. 1) George Muller: Faith For All Our Needs George Muller was a missionary, evangelist, and caretaker whom would found the Ashley Down New Orphanage Houses, also known as the Mueller Homes, between 1849 and 1870. When he began taking care of orphans in 1836 there were very few orphanages in Britain, and those that existed were run with slave labor. Muller was a man who walked the faith we are called to have for our… read more

The Shroud of Turin

Author: Andrew Alleman
Self Evident Apologetics- The Shroud of Turin: The “Photograph” of Jesus? What if I told you something exists akin to an actual photograph of Jesus? You would likely have great suspicion of that statement and expectedly assume this to be impossible. A precise image of Jesus during his time here on Earth? We know with God all things are possible, as our Lord himself stated. Met with enormous investigative intrigue, doubt from believers and non-believers alike, and confidence by those in awe of the experimental outcomes associated with it, we have the Shroud. More specifically referred to as the Shroud of Turin, due to being kept in Italy, it is an ancient linen cloth that appears to have been wrapped around a Man crucified, somehow capturing his image with extraordinary… read more
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