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Massey - 4th of July Message

Massey - 4th of July Message

Massey preached at Revive Church in Stuart, FL for their 4th of July service. This message was powerful and encouraging in regards to how we protect freedom. You will not only want to watch this service but also share it with friends and family. 

New Podcast! New Schedule!

New Podcast! New Schedule!

The Self-Evident Podcast will now be LIVE every Monday, Wednesday & Saturday at 9:00AM EST!

We are excited to bring tons of different topics to the table and connect with you all more often!

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Redemption from Abortion – Podcast #15

Massey and Mike sit down with Michelle as she shares her personal testimony of abortion, her background, how abortion effected her, and how God redeemed her and her family. The entire show was extremely powerful! Click on the link below to listen to the full show. Abortion is often one out those issues that is surrounded by shame and keeps people isolated in their own guilt and/or turmoil.  This show was done to bring to light the powerful redemption of God that is available to those who have walked this road. There is healing in God, there is healing in freely speaking about it, and there is healing in sharing how God has brought us from those situations into His path.

Full show link:

First Podcast

First Podcast

Self-Evident’s Massey Campos along with Eternal Agora’s Michael Sonneveldt, have teamed up and started a weekly podcast. These podcasts will be released every Tuesday. Please note, the YouTube videos are only a portion of the full podcast show. To listen to the full show, please subscribe to the Self-Evident YouTube page and the Eternal Agora Youtube Page.

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