Live the Kaizen Life

Author: Mike Sonnevedlt
Ever find yourself falling down a rabbit hole online? Is the sky blue? Of course. We all have. Our first reaction might be to believe that falling down a rabbit hole means coming across crazy conspiracy theories, like Elvis shot JFK or alien lizard people wrote Shakespeare. Thankfully, I will not be reporting to you about Hitler still being alive in Argentina or bases on the dark side of the moon. My rabbit hole goes deep into the labyrinth of helpful tips, tricks and outlooks on life. While doing research for a book I'm putting together, I rediscovered an idea that I thought was extremely helpful when working towards self-improvement (or personal development if you don't want to sound like a Tony Robbins infomercial). But my research naturally began to modify the… read more

Liberty and Education

Author: Paul Garner
LIBERTY AND EDUCATION By Paul Garner, Author of Yearning to Breathe Free If you send your children to Caesar for education do not be surprised when they return as Romans. So many people are wondering what has become of the American education system in this century. What if I told you that it was designed this way 180 years ago? It was not a conspiracy. It was not even a secret. It was the work of true believers done in the light of day and the public eye with all good intentions. It was done by elitists who believed that they knew what was best for children to learn in this relatively young republic. Would you stay with me to the end of this to see what I mean? Ask anyone around you if you were required to read either or both of the Federalist Papers or the… read more

We Chose Not to Podcast this...

Author: Mike Sonnevedlt
I debated whether to broach this topic with you. After a long talk, Massey and I decided that it was in our best interest to not do a podcast on this subject. We felt, “What does this win us? What does this get the listener? Is this a positive topic to cover, or are we just giving doom-and-gloom?” After talking it through again (20 minutes before the podcast was about to start...) we decided that perhaps we would be careful on how we broached the topic on the podcast. In that episode, we ended up talking about everything else. If you're interested, it's the “Past Two Years....What Have We Learned?” The original subject matter revolved around the vaccine and some pretty disturbing variables with the side effects. We here at Self-Evident are not interested in fear-porn. We don't like… read more

Are you REALLY Semi-fascist?

Author: Mike Sonnevedlt
Are you one? Are you not? Do you care? Do they care whether you really are one or not? The term “fascist” gets thrown around more than a football on Sunday, and it gets wielded as a weapon any time a conservative does something a lefty-progressive does not like. Considering what we discussed in last week's column which covered Sam Harris' obsession with Trump, it is not surprising that a term like “fascist” becomes the go-to label to slap onto anybody who disagrees with the current administration. Conservatives at the moment are considered extremely dangerous, and should be treated as such. Enter Joe Biden, the unifier-in-chief, who came to heal the political divide and step above the divisiveness in America. Our unifier-in-chief, speaking not too long ago, said something… read more

The Harbinger of Harris

Author: Mike Sonnevedlt
More than likely you've now heard the clip of Sam Harris, from his interview on the Triggernometry Podcast. I will include the full link below. Many people have commentated on it, but I wanted to digest the entire thing before spouting off about what Sam Harris said. I think some people missed exactly what he was saying, and while I still vehemently disagree with him, I believe some cleaning up is in order. To keep your reading to a minimum, I will provide quotes and do my absolute best to use them in context. I will provide my text of the relevant interview section at the bottom of this blog post, and I will include the full Youtube interview. The relevant clip begins at around 35:30 in the full interview. Please note: my quotes are cleaned up for clarity, understanding and… read more
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