Hurricane Irma Update

Quick update for all our supporters:

We have decided to stay in Florida and ride out the hurricane. We are putting the camper in a storage warehouse and staying with some close friends. We are stocked up with water, food, gas, and the family we are staying with has a generator should we loose power. At this point our prayers continue to be that God will turn the path of Hurricane Irma east to head out to sea. The last few days Massey has been working with some people from our church to help get houses boarded up and prepared for the craziness!

We will do our best to keep you all you updated in the coming days. Thank you all so very much for the prayers, support and to everyone who has called or messaged to check up on us!

Live Prayer for America

Live Prayer for America

Please feel free to make your own videos with your own prayers that you are lead to pray for this nation. We are grateful to be in this mission with all of you who love God first and foremost and who are willing to give of their lives and talents for the cause of Christ!

3 Things to Pray For Corporately on August 25th

As many of you know we at Self-Evident Ministry have called for a National Day of Prayer and Fasting. Our desire is to preserve what God established in America. National days of prayer and fasting were a common occurrence at the founding of this nation, and there was an understanding that they could not establish true freedom or true independence from Britain relying solely on their own strength. We as Patriots, Christians, and citizens need to be awakened to that understanding. 

On August 25th, we ask you to join us in prayer for this nation. We will be praying for 3 things cooperatively, and then we ask that you pray for this nation however God burdens your heart. 

3 Corporate Prayers:
– Divine providence from God. 
– Against the division that is happening to Americans.
– For the Church to rise up and take its right place. 

Self-Evident Ministries